Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MTA rate hikes are coming but IKEA saves the day for those of us who live in the BK!

The Daily News reports that "countless commuters" are using the free Ikea shuttle service instead of city buses, saving $2 and, in some cases, shortening their commutes. "It's like a free car service," says a woman who takes the Ikea bus from Downtown to where she works in Red Hook. "It takes us straight downtown and I don't have to wait for the bus to stop every block to let people on and off." The paper found that only eight of 19 passengers on a recent trip were actually going to Ikea. One shuttle driver said that many of his morning passengers are actually patients at a methadone clinic. A spokesperson for Ikea says the company supports "mass transit, and if people are using our services and not going to Ikea, that's fine with us as well." Commuters Using Ikea Shuttle Bus to Bypass MTA Routes [NY Daily News]Photo by street scenes. Save your gas, IKEA may be as close as your next door neighbor! Check out our new LIVE Ikea feed on the right side of this blog and get it all for FREE!