Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Win one of these if you can guess how old Curby is!

Dubbed the Uno, this crazy Segway / crotch rocket hybrid is the result of teen, Ben Gulak’s preternatural engineering skills combined with his desire to help the environment. This “motorUnicycle” actually has two wheels, side by side, and is reportedly easy to ride. Pictured above is an actual working prototype that weights about 120 lbs and runs for about 2.5 hours on an electric motor. The bike really has no controls other than the handle bars and the drivers ability to shift his/her weight. Similar to the Segway, the Uno uses two Gyros to keep itself upright and to operate. Simply lean in the direction you want to go… forward to accelerate, backwards to go back, and to either side Gulak came up with the idea after a 2006 trip to China where he noticed a lot of people riding internal combustion bikes and horrendous smog. According to Gulak, “The smog was so thick, we never saw the sun.” The trip made him realize that there was a need for a compact electric vehicle that would ease congestion and not take it’s toll on the environment.
All things considered this is great Green innovation, and its’s amazing that it was developed by a teenager! Let me leave you with this question, will you miss the joy of popping a wheelie or is this like riding a wheelie all the time? [via: MotorcycleMojo]