Monday, September 22, 2008

How green are the new NYC sports stadiums?

When I firsts set out to write about the world,s most eco-friendly sports stadiums I was heartened by the Washington National's brand-new super-green ballpark near the Anacostia in D.C.
Surely, I thought to myself, this shining example of environmental architecture is just the start of my journey across America's sporting and environmental landscape. Then I found out that when it comes to eco-friendly stadiums, we've had our soft bits handed to us by other countries. Not just that, but one sport in particular seems to be shaming us. Europeans and their beloved soccer make us look like rank amateurs when it comes to greening up stadiums. In the United States, outside the National's Stadium, the park with the best carbon footprint is probably Fenway just because nobody can really park near it, so fans have to take public transportation. Read more on this article by Bob Knox here: A Roundup
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