Thursday, October 16, 2008

19" Monitors, Color Laser Printer - Free!

We're doing some office cleaning and have some items available for free to the first person to come pick them up. Here's what we have: - Two 19" Proview silver-and-black computer monitors - One Acer 17" monitor. These are standard CRT monitors, gently used in an office environment - they worked fine upon last use earlier this year. - Dell Color Laser printer model 1320c. This printer works fine, except that I can't get it to stop leaving a yellow line down the side of the pages it prints. If you can fix it, you've got yourself a free color laser printer. I'll also throw in the ink cartridges we never used, which are worth about $100. First come, first serve! I am hoping to get rid of all this stuff by the end of the day tomorrow. Call Scott today (212) 343-8366