Monday, October 27, 2008

Watch Out - Undead TVs!

The switch to Digital TV will send 10's of millions of old TVs to an early grave. Find out what happens when the undead TV zombies come back from the landfill to get their revenge! In 2007, Americans purchased 30 million digital televisions-2.5 million of which were just in preparation for the Super Bowl, according to the Electronics TakeBack Coalition. As flat-screen and high-definition televisions replace older boxes, the volume of electronic waste is spinning out of control, says the coalition of international, national, and grassroots environmental organizations.
While Sony Electronics has just launched the first take-back program for televisions in the United States, other companies continue to lag behind. Visit the Take Back My TV Web site to send off electronic missives to major TV manufacturers such as Sharp, Panasonic, and Philips to urge them to do the same. Because millions of TV sets will become obsolete in less than a year, thanks to a federal ruling to switch to all-digital broadcasts, the clock is ticking. ::Take Back My TV
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