Friday, November 14, 2008

A Curb Alert precautionary from Curby!

Luckily, we have not received any compliants or issues on this next topic at but we all need to be educated and aware of the risk of getting bedbugs from free stuff of even hand-me-downs from your best friend! By taking a few simple precautionary steps you can protect yourself and your stuff from these little vampires. This problem is becoming a major epidemic in the city, and we don't want Curbys reputation to suffer because of it.
With Curb Alerts, you have to be very careful, because sometimes people are so freaked out, they just throw infested stuff out willy nilly and don't take time to mark or bag the buggy stuff. In early months of infestation, an unlucky host (you) won't notice or even know they have them, and the bugsare notorious hitchhikers, so it is very easy to spread them innocently! Here are a few guidelines: Put any clothing, shoes, pillows or fabric items into plastic bags when picking stuff up. Go straight to a laundromat and put them in the dryer for 15-20 minutes, DO THIS EVEN IF THE ITEMS LOOK NEW. This will kill any eggs (which are totally invisible!), larvae or adults. Discard original plastic bags and put the items in something new to take home. Don't use the same bags to take the stuff home and be very wary of upholstered furniture, mattresses, esp. boxsprings. Don't be afraid to spray the furniture (esp. undersides and crevices) before you take it home. Natural Ginesis makes a non-toxic enzyme based preventive product if you have pets or young children around. If you are taking home computer equipment away from any other place then an office, it's worth removing the mother boards and spaying the insides with a bleach or a bug spray. When wrapped in a plastic bag, the motherboard as well as books, soft toys and other items can be put in the freezer overnight. Anything else should be wiped down with diluted bleach or enzyme cleaner or sprayed with a bedbug specificpesticide.

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