Monday, November 10, 2008

Curby, What do we do with our old Mattress: Part Two

So if you want to find a better solution for disposal of your old mattress, it's well worth going on line to see what's happening in your local community as far as recycling drives. These are often seasonal so especially check during the spring and fall months. Many non profits use the opportunity to raise awareness of their organization to the public and often receive free press or tv news coverage out of the deal. These nonprofits will work with recyclers who know what to do with your old mattresses. The foam is easily sold to companies that make carpet underlayment. The wood frames are chipped up and used as a biomass fuel source. Two other resources from the mattresses cotton and steel—require more research. However why not use your imagination and get together with others who have the same problem? Architecture for Humanity and Rubicon National Social Innovations invite entrants to create innovative ways of converting used mattresses into useful products. The competition aims to encourage entrants to form groups capable of creating a consumer product or instructions detailing how to turn an old mattress into a consumer product. Who knows, your old mattress could bring you fame and fortune for the effort but failing that at least the enviroment will love you for it! For details go to and good luck. ~ Curby

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