Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For Great Ideas for the holidays Just Ask Kate!

AuH2O is environmentally-friendly and socially conscious clothing store owned by Kate Goldwater. AuH2O is “Goldwater” in chemical symbols: Au=Gold, H2O=water. Kate Goldwater makes all AuH2O clothing from recycled materials, such as old t-shirts, sweaters, ties, vintage slips and dresses, costumes, curtains and other unwanted fabric. Goldwater sews everything herself at her store, so no sweat-shop labor, mass-production, or carbon-dioxide emitting shipments are involved. Plus, every piece is one-of-a-kind. AuH2O clothing also advertises feminist and political beliefs, with slogans such as “Reproductive Freedom Fighter” and “OBAMA” on shirts and dresses. AuH2O is not the typical East Village boutique. If you like something but it doesn’t quite fit, Goldwater can alter it for you on the spot free of charge. Long dresses can become shorter, straps can be added to tube tops, and jeans can be turned into skinny jeans. If a piece is too small, Goldwater can reproduce it with similar materials. Also, prices are reasonable at $15-$28 for a shirt and $35-$70 for a dress. AuH2O clothing is unique, environmental, sweat-shop free, and unlike most in this category- affordable! We also carry consignment jewelry, handbags, belts, clothing, and vintage items. Vintage bags cost around $25, earrings are $7, necklaces are between $10-$20, and dresses are $40-$70
AuH2O is located on 84 E. 7th St. between 1st and 2nd Avenue. Come by, or check the website: Congratulations Kate and your Terrific Team!