Friday, November 7, 2008

Free Movie: The Dukes

Last Minute Listing! PRINT THIS PAGE AS YOUR TICKET*"The Dukes", (Chazz Palminteri and Robert Davi) a Doo Wop group, were on top of the world at 17, now are struggling for survival in 2008. Their manager (Peter Bogdanovich) is desperately trying to get them work but is met with failure at every turn. Finally pushed to the extreme , they pull a heist only a fool would attempt, which leaves them even more desperate. When all seems lost, they find themselves. Underneath the laughter, "The Dukes" is a film that explores the intricacies of re-defining yourself; not only dealing with lost fame but applies to anyone whoever found themselves at the bottom of the mountain looking up where they once were; and how ,in changing times, to hold onto your true self.WATCH "THE DUKES" TRAILER"THE DUKES" FREE SCREENING INFORMATION:THE DUKES6:00 PMFriday 7 NovemberCANTOR FILM CENTERNEW YORK UNIVERSITY (NYU) NYC, New YorkDirector and star Robert Davi will be hosting a Q&A immediately following the screening.* SEATING IS ON A FIRST COME BASIS. NO ONE IS GUARANTEED ADMISSION. IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED THAT YOU ARRIVE AT LEAST ONE HOUR IN ADVANCE TO ENSURE A BETTER CHANCE AT SECURING A SEAT! Each printed page admits ONE. Each guest must have a copy of this page printed out to use as admittance to the above mentioned screening - on a first come basis.
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