Friday, November 21, 2008

New Club: Greenhouse

Greenhouse: Sure, a lot of nightlife types are into a certain kind of greenery, but we never thought we’d see an eco-friendly nightclub. Greenhouse, open now, is the first New York nightclub to take a stab at this new genre—with walls made of sustainable bamboo and covered in real leaves (treated with non-eco-friendly flame retardant, natch), LED lighting, and efficient toilets. The 6,000 square foot space will be the first of its kind to seek LEED certification for going green. Their bottle service menu, while also offering up the usual suspects, will focus on $375 bottles of 360 Vodka, which comes in reusable bottles, should investment bankers and the like get the urge to recycle. So why all this effort? Owner Jon B. (Home, Guest House) recently told the Post, "I was trying to think of a good club concept for the next generation," he says. "I think green is cool. And if it's not cool yet, it's going to be cool." No effing way, dude.

Greenhouse150 Varick St.(@ Vandam St.) SoHo 212.807.7000