Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Check this site out, its Bloody Brilliant!

The next time you decide you no longer love something, don’t throw it away, add it to and watch it go to a new home. Founded in 2004 by fashionista, stylist and personal shopper, Judy Berger, was launched as a reaction to the limitations posed by existing consumer websites. Judy wanted to appeal to the more 'fashion literate', to create a community between like-minded style addicts, and to make it easy to consume and indulge whilst remaining eco-conscious. Whatsmineisyours is the original and first British fashion swap website, always at the forefront of the swapping revolution with members from around the world swapping thousands of items. It has built a reputation as the style savvy site to visit if you're looking to build up, edit down or simply replace your current wardrobe. With over 3 years of swap history and now armed with the knowledge and know-how as to what builds a great swap site, whatsmineisyours has developed a unique way of allowing people to easily swap quality items without compromising on the look and feel of the site.
Great site Judy and Welcome to New York ~ Curby
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