Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Computer gear up here!

Hello people, I have three boxes of computer gear and a Via C3 based PC with Windows 2000 installed/compatible. Please don't engage me in a drawn out e-mail exchange on what the boxes contain. One or two things will get you money on eBay, I just don't care to deal with the crap and crappy buyers. The brands of those particular two are "Cisco" and "Dell". I might scour the Via machine or I might leave the OS undisturbed, otherwise you will get a Windows 2000 legit CD. Then again, I worked so hard to install the drivers that if you sound/look decent, I won't bother. I never really used it or put personal information, but as a tech, I need to use best practices. Give me a call, I am on loose hours from work, so we can arrange an easy meeting. Let's keep it quick, I live right by Tremont and the Grand Concourse. I have everything packed and I will give you a cheap hand cart to boot. I need this junk gone /this/ week. Peace,
Marcos 917-548-2179