Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free Movie: In North Wood

The screening is for IN NORTHWOOD, a new thriller starring Nick Stall, Olivia Wilde and Pruitt Taylor Vince. Synopsis: Allen, played by Nick Stahl, is condemned to the Northwood Mental Hospital for the murder of an innocent man that he thought assaulted his girlfriend. Allen struggles and now must learn to live with the consequences of his rash behavior and sees no hope for the future. While incarcerated he meets Mia, polayed by Olivia Wilde, a mentally ill woman with her own struggles about her future. Will they find redemption in Northwood? The screening will take place on Thursday February 19 in the evening at a Manhattan Theatre TBA. Free passes for this screening will be distributed via our screening agent. You must email rep1@curbsidebooty.com to receive location information. Screening will be held Thusday evening, February 19 th.

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