Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Movie: The Song of Sparrows

Karim works on an ostrich farm and manages to earn a decent living. But one day one of the ostriches runs away, and Karim is deemed responsible and is fired. During a trip into town to get his daughter's hearing aid repaired, Karim gives a man a ride on the back of his motorbike in return for a fee. In view of how lucrative it turns out to be, he decides to continue this taxi service on a regular basis. Every day he rides into town, bringing back with him all kinds of rummage--old furniture, car parts, etc. His contact with the city dwellers and their way of life changes Karim."Directed by: Majid MajidiProduced by: Sushil Tyagi, Majid Majidi

The L Magazine and Regent Releasing invite you and a friend to a 7:00 pm special advance screening of THE SONG OF SPARROWS on Tuesday, March 31st at Village East Cinemas (181-189 Second Ave). Just print out this non-transferable pass and show it at the door. Seating is NOT guaranteed, so please come early. Go to Curby Classifieds East Village for pass details

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