Sunday, June 22, 2008

A funny lesson on Curbside etiquette.

Free Computer - No More
I had advertised a free desktop computer on here a few weeks ago. Had to take it down. All I wanted was someone to come and get it - it was free. It worked fine - flat screen monitor, hard drive (only 4 years old), mouse, speakers, keyboard, wireless LAN adapter... even a free desk and computer chair if they wanted them... All I asked was that they pick-up the items. I could box them and all but I didn't have time to deliver. I mean, it's a free computer - it's 4 years old and works perfectly....How many ads do I see on here of people looking for free computers? I thought it would be a breeze? Needless to say, I took down the ad after the 3rd posting. The first 2 got no replies at all (maybe the Howard Beach location scared people??) The third one I did get replies... Let me answer them all here: 1. No I won't give you a printer. We are giving away the computer because we bought a new one. I still need my printer. I am not Staples, nor am I the Salvation Army. 2. I'm sorry your friend's daughter's cousin's friend is disabled. Really I am. But I don't see how that should compel me to deliver this item to you... in the Bronx. Nope, no delivery - not even if someone you know knows someone disabled. I don't even go to the Bronx, sorry. 3. No, I won't come to so-and-so train station to wait for you and hand it over. That involves packing up and driving somewhere (as in.... delivery?) and it's too much for one person to carry anyway. Don't hold the doors. 4. It's great your kid is in college. Really, it is. No, I won't mail to them in college. What's that - you will mail me a check for the postage? No.... I still have to pack it up (really, really well) and drive it to the post office (i.e. delivery??) And what if your check bounces? Sorry. 5. Good for you for rushing out and buying XYZ software or game. I don't know how well it runs on this system - I've never used it. Here are the PC specs. No I'm not a PC Tech and I'm sorry I don't know if your stolen copy of BioShock will work (it IS a 4-year old PC so probably not). Furthermore, you have the game in front of you, you have the required specs.... I already gave you the PC specs.... Why can't you decipher it? 6. No I won't take a day off so you can come pick it up during the day. I am always available after normal working hours given enough notice. I won't lose a day's pay just to give something away for free. 7. No, I won't leave it outside my house in a box for you to pick-up at your leisure. In my neighborhood, that's an invitation to break them all over my driveway. 8. I don't know if the table & chair will fit into your Geo hatchback. I already gave you the measurements - you figure it out. 9. No, you can't just have the keyboard. Then I will be trying to give away a computer with no keyboard to a bunch of clueless fools that will just be emailing me asking me if I can include a keyboard. Go to Staples. 10. No I won't burn you a copy of my antivirus/word/etc software. I bought them and they are now on my new computer. No I didn't give you copies on the computer - get your own. Seriously, I am trying to give away a perfectly good computer to someone that needs it. This should not be hard people. I ended up giving it away to YAI. At least they appreciated it.