Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hats off to a new non-profit recycler called the Film and Entertainment Recycling Initiative (FaERI),
Their mission is to create a standard of environmental stewardship on every film, TV production and commercial shoot across the United States -- no small task, for sure -- to help manage the waste stream that results from film and television production; over half of the trash produced on a film set is either recyclable, reclaimable or reusable, after all. This will be accomplished by the "on-set recycler", a new position created by FaERI, which will hopefully become a permanent fixture to the film crew. The on-set recycler is needed to manage placing bins around set every day, keeping recyclable materials out of the trash, working with departments to continue finding new materials that can be recycled or reused and following through on ensuring all these materials get to a recycling facility. And though they're just getting started, they already have the support of a few big-time names in Hollywood.